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Originally Posted by ivanas-tao View Post
hahahhaha i keep on laughing cus i know you guys are lying you can ask everyone who has ever seen me on the damn cam if i stripped for them or anything. and i wouldnt even do that for a 100000000 mil irl cus i wouln´t dare to since im insecure about myself... and i started to get pissed of at you as i heard you where saying that my sister is a cam **** also... thats what got me pissed of last night. and then your saying that beeing called a cam**** and beeing called an aimbotter is the same damn thing....
You're just too stupid to understand that he's pulling ur leg, aren't you?
He's just provoking you, and you fall for it like the retarded fool you are..

Stop posting, please, noone cares that you're emo. Go cut urself.
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