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Originally Posted by YoShI99 View Post
Actually that wasn't me... and im coming back since even on qo the sapphire drama comes over there aka ivanas wild ****. since she brought up **** i said and i only said it to piss off juan and she had to go cry about it.
hahaha.... i started hmm the reason why i loged back in at 4 am while i was talking to juan cus you brought up the **** against juan as what you just said yourself. and because you brought it up i got angry at you. oh come on don't say you wouln't be angry. and im ivanas-wild****.. hahaha i ****ing lauged wen i saw your msn name haha all i had to do was go angry at you and you quit qo right away and go back to co to fight it out there with me...
i dont en feel like fixing my client of co maye just for gw and that is it...

btw just found out this was daz forum on his comp atm.
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