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Guilds VS Guilds

CO seems to become boring after craps have been implemented.
I would like to urge all active Guilds to PK their enemy guilds at all times.
Let's us make it clear: Be it at any location (beside TC), just kill.... Be it friends, ex-guild mates, foes etc... as long its from enemy guild, just whack!!!! I hate ppl got killed by enemy guild, and ask the killer why he was pked. Its understood! Basically its a pvp game. Do not get work out if you are killed by a friend. Chats are only suitable at TC...
There are only 4 choices if you see your enemy guild:
1) Fight
2) Log out
3) Run
4) Leave Guild

Any coward dare not to take up this challenge? Or anyone wanted to give excuses like "they are my friends", or "I do not pk friends" etc...?
Below should be the current arrangement:

Group A: Ming, COD, Celtic, Rebelled

Group B: Inertia, Avangard, Zeal, EvilReborn, KOH, Light

As for 1st & 2nd Rb and PerfectInSanity, both of you are in my enemy list as well but as I know, both of you are not allied with Group A. Well, Good luck to you. We shall see blood shed immediately!!!!!!!
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