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Originally Posted by CheekyPunk27 View Post
I agree that some people don't take it seriously, but we probably differ on what 'seriously' means. It seems from your previous post that you mean something like, 'they don't follow those laws in the OT about killing people who work on the sabbath'.

The short answer is that Christians live under the covenant of grace, and not the old covenant of the law. We don't however, disregard the Law (Jewish law stuff), the Law is good. However, Jesus is the fullfilment of the law, he brings completion to it and gives it the full meaning. The covenant of the Law is but a shadow of the covenant of grace - Jesus brings the picture into HD.

That probably doesn't answer anything very well, but it's a bit confusing. I had a church camp a year or two about this topic based on the book of Romans, so if you want to try to understand it a bit more, Romans would be a good place to start.

I think you're spot on. It's a scandal, that someone could commit so much sin and rebellion with God, yet if they sincerely confess, repent, believe and live with Jesus as their Saviour and Lord, they can be forgiven and enter heaven!

It's always ridiculous.

But it depends on which side you're standing on. If you're a Hitler, the concept is still utterly ridiculous, but if you truly believe blah blah.. etc. etc. then you're they happiest person on earth.

The Bible, however, says there is only one side.
There is no side of "well, I've lived a good life, and look at that dude there, what a sinner!" (See Romans beginning, and Jesus story about the Pharisee and sinner praying in the temple)

As far as sin and rebellion against God is concerned, we're all in the same boat . While some sin is kinda worse than others, sin is still sin, and even a little bit makes us unable to be in relationship with God. Just as fletch said ages ago, a little poo or a lot of poo... either way you're not gonna eat that cupcake.

In order to truly understand and appreciate God's grace, you first need to truly understand and appreciate you're own sinfulness as described in the Bible. Remember, this idea of grace comes from the Bible, so you must read it in the context that it gives - ie. that all people are terrible sinners.

Now, how can you have absolute Justice and Absolute grace?

The answer is Jesus.

If a hitler person goes to heaven, it's not as if his sins have gone unpunished. That person receives absolute grace and forgiveness from God, and Jesus receives/d the full punishment for his sin on the Cross.

It's like a kid who gets a speeding fine (but on a much bigger scale). He has no way of paying it, so his parents pay it. He receives grace, and the parents bare the brunt of the punishment. The price is payed, justice is served, yet the kid receives grace.

In the same way, we as humans sin so much against God, and we have no way of repaying it but to face judgement and death ourselves. So God sends His Son Jesus and bears the wrath and punishment himself - justice is served, and grace is freely given.

Technically, Jesus is a crutch, because we're all broken people and need help.

But certainly, excuse is the wrong word to use.

But remember also, Christianity isn't concerned about spirituality, or living a spiritual life. It's concerned about grace. Living a spiritual life has got to do with doing good works - which has nothing to do with grace.

Repentance and excuses are incompatible. Repentance starts first with acknowledging sin. And repentance isn't a one off act or something you say. It's a lifestyle.
Okay, so you can pretty much get away with doing anything...?

Sounds pretty retarded if you ask me ^^;

subject 1:
"oohh.. so you commited genocide eh? Responsible for the death of a couple million people? Had several women raped and killed.. responsible for the torture and suffering of several thousand people.. hmm... This is a tough one. Well, do you believe in god? yeah? Okay, stroll right into heaven and enjoy your stay =)"

Subject 2:
"oh, hi there. So I see you've donated nearly all of the money you've earned in your life to charity, you've worked in a homeless shelter, you've been a good person your entire life and never hurt a fly.. Sounds like a easy case to me! One last question though, do you believe in god? No?!? YOU GO TO HELL, SINNER, YOU GO TO HELL AND BURN, YA HEAR!? SUFFER ETERNALLY!! SERVES YOU RIGHT!!!"

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, your god can go fuck himself With the sharp end of a stick.
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Mayby i'm a muslim retard..
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