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For people who are just the last post

The real problem that is occuring i belive with the antiviruses is that it isn't happening to the two that are posted on the forums. From the trend it is going to effect a majority of conquer players. The next paragraph is about my antiviruses. I do agree with the last poster that with many antiviruses are flagging that there is a trojan in your program it must raise some eyebrow's.

Yesterday my home computer with internet provider antivirus also detected this as a trojan at the same time as my kaspersky did. These two antiviruses are two differently orginated companies, and i bought kaspersky to test my internet provider's. One is on my labtop and the other is on my computer.

I've also read that some users can only play the game once after reinstallation and they have to repeat the process of reinstallation before their antivirus detects the threat again, meaning the patch did not fix the problem.

Solution to the problem i've read:
1. First solution is that you should delete and redownload conquer online and see if the patch does work for you.
2. Second solution is that you can mark conquer as a safe program/file depending on how your antivirus works.

-this is not ment as a bump but as a mini summary. -
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