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I see no debug folder.

I am running windows 2000 professional
Was running a radeon 9800pro vid card, had to use an older 9000pro i had laying around at the house, had the same issue with the better 9800pro card as i do with the 9000pro

There were no troubles logging in prior to the reinstall other than taking awhile to log in, it just started this new issue once I've reinstalled the game the other day thinking maybe it would fix whatever the issues are or was pertaining to invisible things in the game and such. Figured maybe a fresh install of the game might fix it. Well, now I cannot get to the log in screen.

Also it seems to me that there would be clearer info on the site pertaining to what we need to install. Meaning patches, client and such. One link leads to 5003 while another leads to 5010. I tried both and with patches also. No fix yet.

Graphics drivers updated, audio updated.

Honestly, my video card blew not long ago as did my audio card. Since these last few patches. Seriously believing there is some bad data coming from TQ side, bad data packets or whatever overworking peeps pc's. At least some of us that I know of have similar issues and similar types of newfound pc troubles.

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