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The good old days in CO...
I remember when i was afraid of walking through ape city with any good item in my inventory because of those huge "pk wars" going on there, or if there wasnt any "pk war" going on you could just sit there and talk to ppl.
You could sell mets for 600k each.
There were no ninjas ****ing around.
There were no egys who didnt even know how to say hello...
DBs where considered like imposible to get... (but you could see the message "a DB was drop from the monster killed by someguy" like two times a day).
Elites where really and i mean REALLY expensive, and supers where like... like... um... too ****ing expensive!!!!!!!!!!!
When archers where introduced it was considered the best class (because of scatter).
Everyone helped each other.
The guild leader was always there to help you. And if he wasnt connected you could ask the deputies for help. ohhh... and the guilds were always full of ppl and fun... not like now
And now you cant even hunt without getting pked over and over and over and over.
Well i could go on and on but i just wanna say this CO 2.0 sucks.
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