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Originally Posted by USER1_74 View Post
fire cant 1 hit anyone in top bracket (everybody have 4-6 stg alternate set)
it deal awesome damage for sure (i have also 79k mag att fire tao with 2s full gem hossu) but with stg set is always pottable
troian with 8 stg is really unbalanced
unkillable great hp, great speed and 1 hit melee anyone .
troian with 8 stg can 1 hit another stg char.....
all match are troian with full pot that zap+melee.....
best for boss, best for pole and best for pvp.
violet shield have been announced but i never seen ....
hi are u full glass cannon?
is 250 m strike good? also fire-fire dodge help w melee attcks now?
is it good to be high bp or does it matter?
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