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I would suggest everything that does not change the attack power directly or indirectly :
(warning, i don't know english names of some items)
- Garment
- Donation pack (if it exists)
- PK Point reduction
- Revive here item
- Perhaps city scrolls

And that's all i can remember for now.

Things like Meteors, DB, XPBalls, XPPotion, Quality Items etc are Out because they change drastically the power of the character and that would kill the economy.
And CCo is only one (or two, soon, hopefully) server, if paypalers don't agree, they just have to return to Conquer 2.0 to get back there supremacy.

Originally Posted by dilBo <3 View Post

... also, why?
I guess it is to enable paypalers to sell theme against money, this is a good idea, it enables exchange between paypalers and non paypalers, or more generally, cps owners and money owners, therefor opening lotto to money owners which is a good thing.

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