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The Catch a Theif thing has nothing to do with the General that is another one.

For the theif one ... it says this:

1. Talk to John, he will give you a letter.
2. Take the letter to find Richard or he won't talk with you at all. Be patient because Richard is an impatient guy and he roams around each corner in Twin City.

So - Just keep finding him it seems. The reward is only 1000 silvers so i dont think it is worth it even for new players.

For the Letter to the General quest:

1. General Chen, Twin City (480,351)
2. Soldier, Phoenix Castle (259,272)
3. General Wu, Maple Forest (800,471),(728,490),(685,425),(720,375)

Reward: Unique Broadsword level 30

Go to Twin City, click on the NPC named General Chen (480,351). As he is understaffed, he wants you to deliver an official letter to General Wu. If you're glad to be of help, he will give you an Official Letter.

Take this letter to Phoenix Castle, click on the NPC named Soldier (259,272), who's standing outside the south gate. You will learn from him that General Wu has gone out for hunting. he will give you a recommendation letter. General Wu will drive you out if you haven't carried this recommendation letter with you.

Move towards southeastern Maple Forest, click on the NPC named General Wu. Give your recommendation letter and official letter to him. After he reads your letters, he will give you a letter to express that he has received your official letter.

Take General Wu's letter to Twin City, click on the NPC named General Chen (480,351). To appreciate your kind help, he will reward you a Unique Broad Sword.

As General Wu is hunting, he often moves around the village.
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