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Originally Posted by GeNeticS# View Post
You paid low egypt fare with the deal we would share.
I never stole your 120 water, you have the info I never changed it.
We never paid for a +8 club in any way.
We had 50/50 gears, don't act like it wasn't.
And I never gave the +8 club away, you gave it to bosycat.
Keep dreaming of girls because you won't meet them.
Seeing you speak crap I will start it too.
Funny you hang out with bosycat after saying he is a devil, same goes for beshoy.
Also very ironic that you dream of girls and think it's a sign from Allah.
You know why it is called a dream? Because you can't have it.
Thats why you dream of girls.
Or when you fight your own blood, your brother because you wanna play conquer.
What kind of fat addict are you then?
Even i paied a cent, there was a deal and you have accepted !
You stole the water, You didn't want to give me back that's called a scam.
Yeah, we didn't pay for it, But remember you called bosycat scammer for that !
We don't have a 50/50 gears because it's not normal i got 100% and i give you 50% to make problems to me.
Dream is a dream and i love my dreams, and guess i love that girl!
I didn't speak crap.
Beshoy chooses his end just like you !
No, Sometimes our dreams come true. As i told you before you have to believe on you.
Fighting between brothers is normal. And it's not your problem !
I am fat or thin it's not your problem too!
And now i think you have used all the info you know right ?
or you still got more?
Any way i was sure you will do one day. But i wont act like you !
It was a nice friendship, But our lives have an end, So friendship has it's end too !
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