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Originally Posted by GeNeticS# View Post
I want to clear some things up.
First I want to start with ezzxx/deathman.
It's our gear 50/50 there I talk about +9 earrings +9 sword +8 armor etc.
Now I want to move on to TheGoodGuy.
TheGoodGuy is a botter and he uses stamina bot.
Eventhough that he thinks he's a judge or something by pointing and people and calling them botters.
Also he is just 12 years, he used to cry and jump after me to attempt assasination(with result failing, ofcourse) just because I told people.
Also he hangs out with the friends of Angel*Of*Death because he doesn't have his own friends .
Now to 'Octopus?????'.
He is beign a tough guy on the forums, while in game he barely has friends.
His only friend was ezzxx who lives 2 hours away from him
Ironic how your sniffing at people instead of pleasing them, maybe you could make some friends!

WAITING FOR RESPONSE(might take a while because they have dial-up connection in the mighty egypt)
still kid KOS OMAK
Water/Tro 120-126 Noop

Originally Posted by XdeathmanX View Post
Another 7kaka

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