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Originally Posted by Phako View Post
I'm totaly upset about TQ company.

My "sharer" (that my brother IRL who plays when i'm busy) was botjailed !!! The server is BabyIcey in San Francisco, my bro lives there and has the best ping avaible to play conquer...

He has been reconized as the best ss'er on our server for years...last day he was on my ninja and he was botjailed for AIM TFB ?!!!

I just want to send a
message...A lot of players have been botjailed who claim to be innocent, I always thought those people were lying. In fact..I realize now its the work of certain corrupted GM's. Peoples market sellers have been botjailed!!!

No? +Paully+ is banned for hacks finally after many years of abuse of hacks and bots.Now he plays +Paulina+,and this little ******* continues to use hacks and bots because
he is friends with Opal GM,who continues to protect him. Opal has been moved to another server because of corruption,because this little dumb GM helped player's out when they used to get BJ'ed.

She managed to get herself moved back to babyicey and it's been nothing but trouble since. And Oh...That +Paulina+ retard called a GM to verify if my bro was botting,and he was botjailed apparently !!!
GM's have checked my friend 3 times prior since i've given him my access,and has never been Botjailed. When +Paulina+ calls the GM,he gots BJ'ed ??

Some GM's ARE CORRUPTED NOW?! THEY SEND EVERYONE IN BJ FOR SOME MONEY ?! WTF ?!When Market sellers are getting botjailed, it's time to look at the practices that these so called GM's are using!!

I just want to say to TQ,I'm afraid to play legit because I STILL can be BJ'ed !! AND IM LEGIT WTF ?!
I'm AGAINST CHEATERS !!! Why would i upload pictures of peoples admitting to use cheats...?

Everyone needs to know something...GM's are the reflect of a corrupted company because of money..And I ***** those GM's which are acting retarded for their friends...They have no compassion for the LOYAL players,no brain,they just disgust me...

I'm a bulker maybe,but not ignorant,not arrogant,i'm like you.

I respect you, you know how i'm thinkin, they got no video nothing + i got none programs,hacks,bots,tools on my computer so how the hell can i hack,bot, etc...

& sometimes i got gold hands and play very good.

i got no high ping, have maybe 1x,2x in 2 years high ping @co.
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