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Zzzzzzzzzz.........childish ignoramus' abound. Haven't you juvenile delinquents completed your Emo-erotic Cult suicides yet? F-Train, I'm probably the only person you ever met who actually came from the "Ghetto". You wouldn't know hood if it jumped up and bit you in da azz. And all that coming from a pasty milkbone pathetic.

Colby has no place in this world so he is thus ignored.

Just because I had a hard-knock life doesn't mean I have to bee a Bubba Gump incoherent with lackluster cranial capacity....I chose to "learn"....something you all should do.

To hold a grudge over something that occurred years ago is pitiful....I have long forgave and forgotten all that had come to pass....but apparently those stuck in a world of frivolous spending and paper-thin ties lack the capacity to move on and go about their lives.

Hell, Brett and Faux are more mature than the lot of ya considering the civility that was displayed in post prior to this within the topic....and that is quite unexpected yet welcome nonetheless.

I hope one day ya'll can look past the "Shiny Pixels" and learn to interact socially without delving into the void of ignorance.

And Radna, I miss smokin' bud like crazy....smoke a Goddy for me :
TwitcH = The Won In The Crimson Halo

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