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Nuttin' much Brett, Faux, and WeetahRadz I'm just chillin' while workin' my azz off..... Just don' security work while waiting for my application to Court Officer to fall through.

Radna a wigger is a white guy pretending to be black. I am Latino and from the Hood. Being Latinos are discriminated twice I would consider me a spigger, lmao. But in all reality the way I present myself is only defined as black to the racist biggots. Hip Hop is a culture, the slang is our form of communication, and the swagger is our natural comfort. You are still my favorite pothead up on this piece :

And ya....sad to say I quit smokin' pot almost 3 years ago b/c I kinda sorta became "Magically Allergic" to it after smoking from age 7 to 23 and 1/ ya, doctors know "a lot"

Faux, I do not have the "Red Ring of Death Box 180". I prefer my systems not to have a 75pct self-destruct rate....lmao.
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