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wat every 1 should say is, we dont want classic co!!!, we want Conquer 1.0.

classic co = tq's made up bs of "bringing back conquer to the veteran that miss the old days. this is complete lie cuz in the old days u dont have lotto, no battle power, no steeds, no NINJA. none of these new bs that u cant find it Co 1.0

ive been a fan of Co 1.0 for 3 yrs, ive played all the time, attended every guild war. whats best about conquer is the pk system. back in Co 1.0, it took skill to be the top pvp player. so we get a new server for this, so wat? you still have lotto which is completely retarded. back then bulk buying dbs wasnt a issue. all they get were nice super items, but now with lotto? that just ruins the whole point of lvling. back in 1.0 it was always grinding , grinding grinding. we dun need all this new effect bs. wat we want is Co 1.0. that means starting from the interface, all the way to every small bit of detail. even the monsters we have.
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