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Originally Posted by *~BeLLaDonna~* View Post
Gonna add something cuz I'm really annoyed you are making fools of us

You're saying it is a "bug." I beg to differ (really trying to be polite here >.<). There were two dice and one wheel we could buy from Wendy with some chips... 33 chips (cps) for the wheel that gave items (DB scroll, super thunder gem, small permanent stone, etc) and 39 chips (cps) for one of the dice.. the one that gave perfection stone(s). From that die, the reward went from 100 points (1 brightstar stone) to 10,000 points (1 splendidstar stone - or whatever the name of that stone is)... For the die stone, it was in the 30 chips (cps) too

Now, you gonna tell us that that "bug" affected similarly those 3 different items? Items that were coded differently... How does that "bug" worked exactly?
Must have been some kinda "super bug"... very invasive and resistant urghhh!

No. What happened is you set prices on those items you realized later were too low, you didn't set a limit on the number of times we could play with Wendy, you didn't test properly the Black Friday event... You released a "beta" event.

Please, be honest and take responsibility for ineffectively handling that event and its aftermath cuz you are doing it wrong.

... And stop calling the result of your incompetence a bug! =.=
I agree with you 100% but they will not do such a thing like never. The hell is going to freeze over or pigs are going to fly before that happens.
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