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I see what they tried to do just to remove all the perfection anyone gained from the event.
Due to me testing the rate to see what a 12 crown cost vs making them before the event they took off all my main gear when using that average from the item I used to do the test lolz.

There is one less legit 648 on the servers. The took me down to 615. I understand they are trying to simplify the removal of perfection that was done yet that was not the way. Also crediting back in cps is a joke since many would never have spent any money at all and do not want cps a a refund if that is the intention on what they used on the 24th for the event.

They could have shut the servers down right away yet they knew what was going on and just sat and watched the $$$ build up SAD.

Anyway seems they will lose a lot of key spenders from this. It's probably about time anyway
Yea you are so right they could have shut donw server . But they collected cash and they prolly knew all along what will they do ;D . That was a pure scam ;D The best part is that tq knows nothing will change, They know that their players will complain and **** a bit and then latter forget about it. They will still be playing this crap and donating more to them and eventualy everyone will get scamed again
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