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Make Ninja's epic quest easier

Ninja's epic quest started about 3 months ago, i do that quest EVERY SINGLE DAY and i've only got 9 stardusts, 0 epic weps, when the quest was released i met a full +12 duke and he told me that he spent over 30k cps and still didn't get epic weapons, if i have that much cps i'll never do that quest, i'd rather be full +8 or something, and by the way, Ninja's Epics aren't that good to be that difficult, Shadow Clone costs 40 stamina (instead of 15 which is mentioned on CO website) it doesn't attack players and takes alot of effort to level up, Twilight Dance has 4 seconds cooldown and deals a maximum of 155% damage at (level 6) and of course it takes a lot of effort to level up, but the passive skill is nice to be honest

so the quest should be like this:

1-Player has 40% at the first stage to obtain YinYang Seel
2-Player has 30% at the second stage to obtain Elemental Jade
3-Player has 20% at the third stage to obtain Life's Eye
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