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unless they like paid someone to hunt bots or make a really legit system thats all serverside and prevents any editing to the client theres no way the botting situation is gonna get fixed what i dont understand is why they havent made some detection that checks to see if a character is teleporting like wow has and just automaticly ban anyone that makes an unexpected teleport more then 3 times that would kill the speed hacking pretty quick the ip banning wont help with people that use hamachi to make a proxy server and connect to co unless co rejected all proxy connections but more or less it would be more ideal to do a server side detection to see if the games been tampored with as well as block injection to the exe while its runing if it was done right bot software would work in a controlled enviroment which would make it look to the botter like its working when its really not but any detailed system would require alot of work money spent cause they cant just go with a simple encrypt all the files way cause then its a pain in the ass to patch to it like for example molebox encryption. Its pretty impossible to break unless its a cracked unsecure version all of the dll's as well as data runs from its own created files and none of it loads into the memory for editing while it does stop all client editing and exe edits it makes it completely impossible to patch without reuploading the whole file all over agian. They would need to come up with there own system. But really trying to make a video to catch the 4000 bots + i see everday is a waste of time and i dont have a 3mb upload theres also no incentive to doing it and in alot of cases people dont end up getting banned or botjailed anyway could even be gm corruption in some cases.
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