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Angry 2.6 Update needs an Update!

2.6 needs an update patch to correct the VERY annoying bugs!

1. We can no longer tap on a persons name in World chat to check equipment. Many of us used this when sellers advertised their items for sale.

2. We cannot view ANY information in Auction!!! We can't tell for example, if a 500 CP armor has sockets, gems in it etc. Tapping items USED to bring up information but now it doesn't.

3. The fonts are still hard to read

4. Unknown Man/Treasures in Blue/Dis City STILL appear to be not working

Please be aware of the unhappiness of the players who pay $$ and do not have basic access now to needful things. My auctions are now at a standstill and so are others.

Thank you, I hope there will be a patch soon to correct these major bugs. I have emailed this to Elliot, Tony Long at TQ & iPad CO support
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