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Originally Posted by Etienne1 View Post
The rest of your questions sound like you're a game Dev or a GM. If you are one, Please put Cross Server Auction System already and Daily PK Events.
Storm server is pretty one sided by the looks of things, Dich seems to be doing well. but the numbers are stacked against him, from what I can tell the past few gws ctfs etc, theres no war just three ally guilds controlling server

Originally Posted by Angtoria View Post
Dark is dead AF. Barely even gets a full market section on a good day lol
yeah D= I think they should merge some servers together its getting boring lol,

I would love to see a world for example [wild kingdom etc.] have cross server ClanSpar that are used in separate wars. like a tiger,kylin, etc vs lion etc ? or one world in one huge clan to compete with another world [server]

The main fun thing about this game is probably cross ctf and that happens only once in a blue moon and if u miss it then its back to being bland.

Maybe a Class cross server flag war
trojan clan on one side of the map vs archer clan on the other or w.e

I think a conquer 2.0 classic should be brought back aswell, pay per month to play or not
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