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Servers,Builds, etcs

Just a general discussion, and a few questions to ask

Which servers have active pvp but not one sided?
which servers have decent markets?
Are they English speaking?
Who has a genuine guild beef with each other

What are some of the best main builds for all classes?
some great hybrid builds?

Would another 2 events be good to see in the game ?
something like a war involving only one clan or guild to win? so it wont be one sided and everyone cant ally each other?
and rewards split directly to NPC or [quest] thing, kind of like an involvement pack?

Should some groups have all their servers merged together for a more active play type?

what are some other ideas to serperate all these dead servers with dead events/markets and the only people coming out on top are the ppl who can camp bosses and do events. thanks for reading...
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