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Originally Posted by sundancerx View Post
buy permed beads, p3/p4, ring 1soc p2 or p3 with the money you have (not sure it's enough)

dont need permed cap or armor, just 2 sets of them.
1soc low levl armor, 1 soc level 70 super +3 or 4.
1soc low level cap, 1 soc level 67/82 super +3 or 4.
1soc level 67/82 super +3/4 necky.

get a combo of these that can get you to level 100, then you can use tower to tank the hits.

the rest, steed/crop/fan/tower, +4/5.

use sdgs. you prolly will reborn monk in anywhere b/n 1 hr to 2.

edit: not 1 hr, prolly closer to 2 hrs or more to get the db.
why use sdgs instead of srg?
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