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Question about this game, pls help


First of all I haven't played since 2011 and even then I was still a big noob.


Now, I have about 3kish cps right now, and I bought those and just merchanted for money. I'm tired of just standing still buying/selling so how can I make money?

Someone suggested "monk farming" So I researched it, and for about 2 p4 beads and p6 armor its going to take about 13k cps, which I don't have... SO how can I make money to get to my goal of 13k cps?

ALSO, WHAT IS DRAGON SOUL GEAR? Whats the difference between p1 p2 p3 and ect?

Can I make money by farming with water or war with 1-2 soc gear SRG?? if so how long and is it worth it?
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