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Originally Posted by Sobee101 View Post
Well came back to possibly get some Conquer pvp goin on... So i rolled up a toon on the new server Rebirth and got cookin. Wow, i thought to myself "I am leveling crazy fast..." 130 in like 6 days (Warrior). Joined a guild hmm was in it for 3 days not one person said a word. Joined a new guild thinking it must have been that way 3 more days not a word. Try and talk talk to a few people get caught up...very short conversations... Look in forums and try find people to chat with possibly hook up and mess around... Non existent. Well i played this game from 2003 to 2009 and had a lot of disappointment with the changes i saw but hot D*M this game blows now. TQ i have never met a company that could take such a fun interactive game and drive it into the dirt so far. To bad i was really looking forward to trying to relive the glory days.


yeah, I tried that today. Just couldn't do it. The classic server is a joke, and the only people on are Egyptians who kill anyone on sight.
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