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Arrow [Guide]Running Conquer Online in Windows 7

Conquer Online is not yet fully compatible with Windows 7.This is a compiled guide of hopefully all the problems and fixes running Conquer Online in Windows 7. Just follow the fixes and tips posted here and you should be able to run it fine.

If you still encounter problems please post a new thread and it will try to be fixed.

Windows 7 Guide
  • Please make sure Windows update is turned on, or that you update from the website, because Windows release their are and will be important updates and fixes which will improve compatibility for games and programs.
  • Update your Video drivers to the latest and not the generic ones that come with 7. If your specific device does not have a Windows 7 driver, use Vista drivers as they are compatible with 7.

Blue Screen of Death (Crash and Memory Dump)
This has been fixed you no longer need to delete anything
  • This is caused by the anti-virus program that comes with Conquer. To fix this, remove the zftqat folder from your Conquer Directory or rename it. If you accidently open Conquer.exe with the antivirus enabled quickly hit the X to close it.
    If you get a blue screen you MUST reinstall.

Low FPS and Frequent Freezing Issues
  • Running Conquer in Compatibility mode will drop your FPS to around 1-4, make sure compatibilty mode is turned off.
  • FPS can also be affected by outdated video drivers so update them using vista drivers.
  • Setting Conquer.exe's priority to above normal in the task manager can improve FPS and performance. It can also be set to High but can cause Problems and BSOD on low end systems.
  • FPS can also be improved by hiding the taskbar. This option is in the Taskbar properties.
  • Disabling Aero can also raise FPS and make the game run more stable. It's easily be done by right-clicking the shortcut to CO2, selecting 'Properties' and going to the 'Compatibility' tab.
    Select 'Disable Desktop Composition', then apply the changes.
    Now Aero will be disabled when running CO2.

Direct X Errors
  • You need to update your Video Card drivers from the standard ones that come with Windows 7 to the latest Vista drivers.

In-game Buttons Out of Place
  • Right click your desktop and click Personalise then click on Display down in the Bottom Left. Then set the scaling to 'Smaller - 100%' and Apply.

Performance and Stalling Issues on Quad Core PCs
  • Conquer doesn't seem to like more than 2 cores on some systems.This can be fixed by going into Task Manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), clicking on the processes tab, finding Conquer.exe and right clicking on it then clicking Set Affinity and then set it so that only the first two processors are selected.

The windows just closes with/without error
  • This is most probably caused by outdated codecs first try uninstalling whatever codec pack you have installed and try playing, if you can play without it installed try finding a newer version of it if you are not sure if you have codecs installed try CCCP Insurgent
    If it's not caused by codecs try deleting the conquer folder manually and installing again. if it still doesn't work post a new thread.

My fps suck even tho I have awesomenessssss specs I also tried point 2 this shouldn't happen its your bad coding FIX IT
You should try doing a full reinstallation of conquer yours most probably got corrupted
-Delete the conquer folder MANUALLY, the uninstaller leaves some files behind and can affect the new installation
-Install again, do not run conquer or autopatch
-Rename the zftqat folder to something else
-Patch either manually or auto
-Run the game

Autopatch won't work
Sometimes the autopatch server is down but you will notice this because there are 9000+ threads about it so if you are the only one with this problem do the same as above, reinstall.

More fixes and tips will be added when they are come across.
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