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hello everyone
i wanted to say that i've came back to see counqer online after 14 years (and alot have changed)
i remember it took me weeks to get to level 30 , i remember the warrior class named guard, and the trojan couldn't use dual handed untill specific level. i remember meny weapons and armor, i remember grinding and i installed it, and it took me 5 minuts to hit lvl 61...where is the counqer i love? i mean awesome that there are new classes (like toaist insteade of water and fire) (and pirate and ninja, theese are new) but none the less, i miss the grinding... whats next? auto leveling bot? is this some 5550x rates MU clone?
anyway to make it 1x? or alteast 5x? and how to make a new class? i mean i made one, but i cannot go back to class select or make a new char slot???
and what does LOW-HD , med HD and high HD means?
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