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Originally posted by Zepy
now there boy u like to get your posts up ? spamming ? or have nothing to do ? who are you to tell me/us that warehouseman don`t need capital letter ? are you a GM ? looking at your sig your a noob in-game so stfu, about the DBscroll the NPC still saying wrong dragonscroll so again stfu !

and now reporting u for been a spammer with a bad avatar P.E.N.I.S that what my kid asking me whats that i saw on a avatar on forum THIS IS A GAME FOR 13+ YEARS U KNOW U MORRON !
Warehouseman, Stoneman, etc does not need a capital M, sort of like Businessman, Hitman, or Repairman don't need one. There's no need to be angry if someone tries to correct you

Anyway, I found a weird glitch in the Desert City Mine Cave. Even though you mine a Gold ore, the system message says you found a silver one.
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