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Originally posted by UltimaPi
Whatever is stacked last takes precedence.

Magic The Gathering anyone?
Originally posted by RumTumTugger
im on a server which is very different than all the others:
its called the 'real life' server
wow, its fantastic! fabulous! i mean, the graphics are so lifelike
and you can do anything you want practically
but on this server its very complicated, cuz there are like 15 billion other ppl playing all the time (but there is no lag, i wonder why?), and you have laws and ppl that enforce them, and the server's world is huge, you know? its like a whole freakin planet
you can have a job, get drugged, drink alcohol, fight other ppl
it has a transportation system which r0x0rs, greatest level of interactivity ever!
you guys have to join this server, its the best there is!
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