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Originally Posted by Syron1x View Post
You are pretty much pathetic guys, really. First of all you are complaining about this game being p2w and now since TQ made some changes to benefit ppl who actually play this game, spend time into it to reward them properly, you complain again? Seriously but you are a bunch of hyprocrites. I am not saying this game is not p2w anymore cuz it clearly is, but whatever.
I agree with you on the fact that ppl sayin this is p2w really the facts are
-Deityland, 1 bright star stone for killin only 100x mobs =easy
-login/ sign in quest consistently giving twilight/brightstar
-wonderful herb, 1 bright star stone in exchange for 150herbs =easy
-Event questing, more than exceptional like this new fighter quest that gives splinded star stone and some radiant!!and few Brightstar stones
-all event page quest giving them aswell as chi points.
-all tournaments now consisting of excessive bright stones, for top 8 which is a lil harder to obtain but still....
-not to mention the fact that deityland gives either +5/3 stone from hunting bliss pack. or radiant star stone.
-mystery box giving crazy amount of bcps, +5 stone,2k cp (Just for clicking a box !!!)
all these together usually give a daily progress of Atleast 1-3k progress a day

I could see how some could deem it as p2w if you are a returning player, but for those people all you really need to do play. because buying doesn't make a lot of sence anymore especially in dead servers where u have to pay like 4k cps per +8 and that only covers you for the progress of nearly one month.
Its really hard to come back after u miss many months of playing like I did because theres not even enough +8 in my server for me to buy to try to catch up to these ppls playing, camping bosses/events.

I disagree with ppls sayin its to pay 2 in because of this reason. and for those of you who aren't +12 and never paid .I believe u can still have very decent, char with what is given from tq asloing as u play. I mean full
a full +8 with 3x free Bound +12 items char isn't isn't exactly a noob, most of these people playing to win by camping have an average 150-180 perfection now with great rune stats.
For those people who sayin its pay to win I suggest you really try to get a hold of an understanding of the newer quests and try to do em each and everysingle day. if not more!

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