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Originally Posted by Doc.ackerson View Post
The Mad Man trainer > Du San (Ape City, 552 601 inside AC left wall > Pharmacist Dong (Twin City, 386 377) up from portal of promotion building ( in alley)> General Judd (Twin City, 396 233)***8212;next to Lab npc***8212;across 2 bridges in city then left > kill snakeman west of Ape city --normal snakemen***8212;all the way across the 3 bridges. A fang shows upp in items > pharmacist Dong in TC , in items mix blue and green in that order and go to kun, KUN IS TIMED clik the stones to get colors. red on arriving, up to green on left, up farther blue is a little on space rock- left, up farther to Indigo in air--indigo 306 362 Indigo is out in space to left then back down past blue, green, red. down is orange then left and up to yellow== then jump in portal***8212;it takes you to top
go just a little down ***8211; last stone- purple is on right in air
you have 7 ***8211; clik one as soon as u get all 7> it becomes rainbow pot> clik Du San > trainer.
I cant seem to find the orange space rock... does anyone have any tips or cord for this? Please help thanks. - found and noted in cords.
Ok decided to put cords for the rest to help those having the same problem as I was.
Indigo:301,362 (apx)

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