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To touch on what Mason said, he has a lot right, and documented a lot more than I did.

I have found the game to crash at random times, but not as often as his. His crashes a lot more than mine. I get about one crash per 5 hours.

He's right about shopkeepers.

There are some mobs, I.E. mobs in the Star Tower quest which you simply can't directly hit.

Like I said before, some mobs respawn as invisible.

Mason's right. Majority of items are unique and refined.

Weapon proficiency is multiplied as if I had full violet gems. I love it, but maybe it should be fixed.

Outside of the PC mine cave, wow there's a lot of rock monsters that shouldn't be there.

Whenever a box appears saying, we'd like to teleport you to the horse races or a PK tourney, it teleports you to the middle of twin city, not the NPC you should be near.

The server time is off by 1 hour.

I haven't found Mason's issue with crashing upon using the store, lotto or other NPCs..

Perhaps this is just my frustration, but everywhere, even in Bird Island now, there are "kings" which can pretty much 1 hit you across the map. Players will want their range at least nerfed..

About halos? There are halos for some things.. I currently wear the monthly PK champion halo.. Possibly missing for GW tho :|

All I have for now. Hope the real version comes soon!
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