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Archer XP skill Fly is slow and does not fly over objects

In terms of the time of the server several things were off. All PKP tournaments including Guild War and CTF and resetting daily quests were behind by one hour. This includes Power Arena.Time in game is off by 1 Hour. (Example, the Team PK tournament that took place today did not initiate at 17:00, but at 18:00. All npcs say 17:00 start time as well.)

Militia Dragon is wrongly named as Guru Todd

There are hundreds of ShopKeepers on the server. All scattered and clumped together at odd locations in areas such as Wind Plain.

General Shou is wrongly named as Guru Todd.

No leveling halo when advancing to next level, or no halo around monsters when they spawn.

No experience balls are received as an award for completing the equipment bonus quests. (This only includes when trading the Ultra Badge for you're award, you still get the exp for the event)

No stalls are available for selling items in the market

In PC there are far to many spawns for Caterans. (I'm not sure if this is cause there are no players online, but there seems to be an awful amount of them)

The App will crash often when enabling XP skill Fatal Strike.

Skill leveling for weapons is FAR to fast. I'm level 65 and I already have Katana level 13 (50%)

Far too many high quality drops from monsters ( Majority of all drops are refined, unique (drops majoritily one socket) and I've received some elite drops, plain)

No clear button to erase texts on screen

Hot keys 1-10 lock onto the first item entered into the spot. (therefore if I put in a stancher into hot key 1, if I replace it with something else such as panacea and log off, the next time I log in it will revert back and remain stuck on the original stancher that was entered)

There is no Game Manager in the Market

App will crash every time you try to interact with the VIPStoreKeeper in the Offline Training Ground or interacting with the Shopping Mall option.

When receiving Heaven Blessing and accepting Offline Training when logging out, the next time you log in, if you select the continue button in Offline Training the App will crash indefinitely every time.

There is no Dragonball or Dragonball Scroll exchange option in the CP Admin message box.

Nurture Pack level 50 says that you will receive a super 1 SOC weapon, however the item received is not one socket but only super quality.

No screen alteration controls. (This will present a problem when archers release their arrows which effect screen alignment. Making players who were around to be affected by this to have to log off and log back in to erase the effect.

The counter for the Eidolon Warden and Envoy zone quests resets itself after your go above the maximum requirement. (I am referring to the counter that appears in the top right corner beneath the path finding and events buttons. Therefore if the counter is set to 0/40, once you hit 40 and kill one more, the timer resets back to 0.)

A lot of random crashes throughout playing. I am not sure the causes of these. Possibly Network Congestion.

The NPC Luna who sends you too the Moon Platform is missing

When interacting with other players the Whisper msg box appears. It does not space out the text properly and does not save the previous messages, it only fills the screen and no more.

There are absolutely no halo banners in the whole game. Neither Guild War, Nobility or PK events.

The broadcast does not have any color options. It corresponds to the same chat color as whisper.

Chat log is un-operational

There is no flower effect when sending another player roses or another type of flower.

Name locks do not stick to the list of names next to the chat text box. They will only record the names that are entered the very first time. Therefore I can enter as many names as I wish, but once I log off, I cannot add any more.

XP skill when activated during quiz show. The background effect does not cover the whole screen.

It is impossible to dedicate money towards the clan, all imputed dedications are converted to 0.

It is impossible to heal the guild pole and close the guild gate. You cannot pass through the gate when you are GL either when it is closed. To enter the gate when it is open you must attacked the gate, then walk in.

During the quiz show the new option controls (ex. PK and such) that appear to the left of the map do not resize to fit the screen.

The zen scripture box does not appear in the equipment bonus quest.

The newbie messages that appear when sent from the system have to be updated to fit the new iPad interface.

The ability to hide the btn controls on the main screen are still enabled when setting the appearances to false. By this I mean the show/ hide button. When the btns such as the nobility are set to hide, they are still enabled. If i click on the spot where they are Nobility screen will still appear.

Enlightenment points can be received before level 90 but not used.

The application crashes every time you interact with the shopping mall, or buying an item for the game itself.

Happy hunting has no level requirement.

There's is no visual effect on super items.

Militia Dragon is Guru Todd.

There is no finish on the desert map horse race.

The help button (btn) does not function.

Archer XP skill does not fly over objects and is very slow.

Scatter attacks work on GW gate if you are not in a guild.

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