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Who am I?
I started playing in late 2004. I'm Kreig, originally from Dragon Server, split to Blizzard to follow FREEDOM*FORCE, for which I was a Deputy Leader. I founded the guild PrettyPinkPwnys, and held the Guild Leader position for TheRoninAeons when the founder and leader RavenOfTheRonin went inactive. Soon after achieving full double sockets and SDG's, the friend who I had lent my gear too was hacked, and everything was lost. My 130 non-reborn fire tao was also hacked and reborn'd as a water.

I quit.

What was I known for?
In game, I was known for being a stubborn warrior, staying true to the class all three incarnations of my main character's existence. I was the first 130 2nd Reborn Warrior on Blizzard. I was also known for being stubbornly purple, and for occasionally pvp'ing naked (no armor) with a poleaxe in jail. Good times.

For the most part, I'd like to think that I was known for being nice to noobs and mean to bullies. I know for a fact that I had a particularly ugly rivalry with someone, but, alas, I cannot remember who.

Time does heal all wounds.

On the forums, I was a Suggestions guy, oft-named "Senator" on Durant's lists. I was relatively active in my own server's chit-chat and in the OT section, but mainly for the debates held there.

What have I been doing and what am I doing now?
After quitting Conquer, I began to play D&D (again, I quit to play Conquer in the first place) and began to have a more active role in...real life.

Since then, my life has mostly been focused on studies. I graduated first in my class from my high school, was named one of the top 21 students in my state, and won a state-wide essay-writing contest.

I'm currently in school in one of the nation's top-5 undergraduate engineering programs, majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Chinese. I'm in my second year, but am a junior by credit-hours. So far, I still have my 4.0. I'm also a proud and active member of my fraternity and of IEEE.

This past summer, I went to China for a study-abroad program, which was probably the most fun I've ever had. That's what prodded me to pick up my minor (no, I am not ethnically Chinese...or Asian).

As for fun, I did pick up DDO for a few weeks, but the college life is too busy to allow for an MMO addiction, so I quit soon afterwards. I am a semi-active poster on OneManga forums, feel free to PM me here if you're a poster there.

I think that that's it. Life is boring.

The best part of Conquer was, without a doubt, the community. It was completely unrivaled by any other MMO I dallied in. That said, there were a few moments that I remember better than others.
  • Reaching level 120, and getting the armor I had looked up to for so long.
  • Joining my first guild, TheRoninAeons. This was the start of my love affair with the Conquer community.
  • Joining FREEDOM*FORCE, and becoming a Deputy Leader for it.
  • Reborning and Second-reborning, as in-game accomplishments.
  • Finally seeing that "Congratulations! You have reached the highest level!" for my exp percentage...and then having that taken away.
  • When I was reborn and level 130, I had a level 22 (by armor, at any rate) warrior tell me that I was the kind of player he wanted to eventually become. As shallow as the move was, it gave me a fuzzy feeling.
  • When I was level 20 (the first go-around), I responded to a player's sell-spam in Twin City. He was selling refined boots. He asked me what I thought a suitable price was, and, being a noob and seeing the game-recommended price on the items, I offered 400 silvers. He laughed, saying he was hoping for 20k - 30k. I explained to him why I thought that, and he sold me the boots for a symbolic 401 silvers. Later, I realized how trivial this, at-the-time-huge act of kindness was, but I never forgot it. When I saw the same character in-game literally years later, where he had progressed only some forty levels, whereas I had progressed to being reborn and level 130, I returned the kindness with interest, and gave him a Dragonball, with no explanation.
~Position~ DeputyLeader

Kreig 130 14 sock Warrior>Warrior>Warrior Hacked
Lytsu 130 9 sock Fire Tao Hacked

And moved on.
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