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Well first I want to say I remember you Hebby and for all of you giving her **** shut it. She was the first nice person I met playing CO! My first server was dragon server back in the times when Mechserac went around Killing everyone. I filled my inventory with candycanes and let her kill me and said I was a pinatta because thats really all warriors were good for back then was dropping pots for trojans lol. I was prov31woman. Later I met nikki who was infamous for her fowl mouth and smack talk. Switched and played on many servers like justice, arbiter, water and so on. I two miss the good old days that I dont think can be replicated now with the way the system is set up. Way to many botters and no skill needed. Reborns happening like every minute. I remember when you invited everyone you knew when you got reborn, One because it was an accomplishment and two because you use to be able to get pked at the rebirth spot. I remember when you could pk in twin those were the fun days. When people use to mine and not bot. I have logged on recently and half the people speak Egyptian or are botters and the other half all think they are bad ass cause they went to target and bought some cards and bought some gear and xp balls and now they think they are bad ass. I bet not one of them could stand to play the way we did when you actually had to work for it and back when skill was required. But tq hasnt changed they still only care about the money.
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