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2 may 2011 and i see no solution for bitdefender antivirus detecting virus and blocking files from co folder.
GM on helpdesk no help, same no help
i have more than 20 chars in botjail now for this issue.
i have made a screenshot and sent to tq to help solve my botjail case, and all they said:PAY BOTTER
in screenshot easy to see the date when my antivirus found trojan in check.exe, deleted virus and blocked access.
so why nobody tried to help me?
i paid for some chars to get out but they went back to botjail 2 days after
so whats the use on logging in conquer now?ill lose all chars like this and they will keep calling me botter
i sent them the proof im not using any illegal program , just antivirus blocking files from co...
so why im still in jail?
instead of taking care of the real botters in conquer...they punished me for what?for using paid antivirus to protect me?
i reinstalled everytime the client
i used kaspersky antivirus before this one, and i had problems with deleting files from co folder
they told me to change, and i did
now i have bitdefender
and i have most of my chars in botjail
nobody on helpdesk wanted to advise me now
all they said to meay to get out, u used illegal program
since when antivirus is illegal?i pay for that damn thing
and dont tell me to drop on using antivirus, because all need about the viruses that conquer gave to us before, not to mention keylogger too
so who can help me now?maybe releasing my chars from jail too
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