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Evelyin- DenuMx Bot Jail Evidence Refutable

Those videos of DenuMx clearly do not prove of any aim-bot usage. I don't see how you could think just because someone can hit 2-3 times in a row against someone who is clearly lagging should automatically be considered "aim-bot." I haven't got a chance to refute those videos because it would obviously be a waste of time. You clearly are bot jailing characters without reason. That is why you have lost potential money in the process.

It amazes me how after all these years, you still continue to feed those who are unskilled by running your actual legit players off. You are either corrupt, or unable to analyze and detect what aim-boting actually looks like. Majority of the time, it's lag that makes those hits look spectacular, but none are impossible.

You can continue bot jailing with videos that are baseless, but it certainly won't help this game's reputation for kicking out loyal and professional players. Evidence of how much this game has gone downhill are these forums, and their lack of traffic.


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Retired due to the game's bad management.

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