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Originally Posted by Trojanna View Post
Respect? You guys? HA! The way ive seen you and your friends act in the game, in wars or just whenever is hardly what i would call "Respectful". I gave a lot of you many chances to earn my respect and not a single time could you keep it longer then a day. So if you expect me to ever respect any of you again....well lets just say dont hold your breath for it. Also nor will i ever respect any of you just because you poured a couple thousands dollars, gold or rupies whatever the hell u guys use for currency into the game so u can get some better gear, Once you get skill and common knowledge of the game can you actually be great, I earned respect from knowing what the hell I was doing and being confidant in my skills. So peace out morons :-D

P.S. Me FTW!
Fool First You Come As A The First Lady Of The U.S.A Now You FTW Nice To Know You Private Part Must Be Big For All The World Lol By Anyway I Dont Respact You Coz You Dont Rrespact Anyone Ill Will Be Soon Stronger Than Any Other Warroir Loser You Will See And Cry Make Your Last Pary Baby DIE WELL HG

P.S you came to HG bec in other sever are better guys than you there guys that spend around 100s of $On DBs A Month And That Gear Is Hot More Than You Ill Be One Of Tham Weak Chiken See You In Hell

Greatings All HG I Will Make On You All The 2nd World War Muahahahahah
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