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Originally Posted by Xarik View Post
Was washing dishes tonight and starting thinking about Conquer Online and how much fun I had back in middle school some...17 years ago? Turns out I still remembered all my characters and passwords so I downloaded the client. When I click on the Desktop icon TQ Game Center pops up. I hit play and I get an empty bar at the bottom saying "Preparing to download, please wait" but nothing is happening. I've closed it and reopened it a few times and nothing ever happens. Center Version is 1005 and Client Version 6805
Howdy! I've just downloaded the game client after a billion years, also!

I was having the same problem as you, so I manually patched it by going to:

You can get a download a bulk patch there that covers version 6805 up until the current version. I was stuck on this for a while, so remember to right-click on the patch and RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR! You'll be in a world of frustration if you don't.

All the best!
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