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Originally Posted by Mucle View Post

Total Lie.
They got rid of all the ways to get points by using Chi, and didn't add anything new as far as I know.

They made the Prices you can get with heroes points also 5x higher.
DragonFruit was 60points. now 300Points.
10k Chi was 1299 (somewhere around that number), now it's 2500.
+6 stone was around 1k points or something?? Now +5 stone is 3240 points.
Alot of rewards are also not available anymore.

This is some bul**** xD

Also if you buy the 8k privliege, you get 1 CP, YES 1 CP, back. totally worth it.
Oh and a special gift at the end of which they don't tell you whats in there (so alot of crap probably, like 30day garms)

Probably just made everyone use all their chi, before they notice you get no points from it. Wouldn't surprise me if they add it in later, so people will be buy cps to replenish.
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