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How about getting your code monkeys on some sort of standard for items?Today I got a prize from that drawings event 5 yellow rune fragments bound.But ya know what? These are special bound fragments that don't have the purple writing on the bottom so they won't stack with my other BOUND fragments and I am willing to bet that they will also not work with say 6 of this kind and 14 of the others. And this is not the first time something like this has happened. Recently some giveaway had 25 free course chests that would not stack with the other 200 I have because reasons... no, really these were bound ones because it is not like the others were trade-able anyways... retards. Same with super protection pills 2 kinds bound and not labeled as such but never were trade-able so WTF! And should I even bring up the P7 soul scraps that are also not trad-able but come in two different variants with the same problem.

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