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I have a friend which I brought to CO. I installed his client as he doesn't manage to do anything to his computer, he always calls me when something doesn't work. After 2-3 years of hard work, he managed to buy his characters some good items, won some money at the poker tables, made a lot of metscrolls, been a little lucky with the cps lottery. I personally guarantee he can't install or use a bot. Now, after leaving his seller in the market overnight and another char praying also in the market, after a server reset he found his characters in botjail. Answer to this CindyZ: Why do you have to be a programmer or a power user of your home-computer to play CO? Who tf cares about TQAT.exe or whatever trojans you deliver with your patches? Poor guy called me yesterday to tell me this and didn't know what to tell him. Wrote a letter to customer service and they answered he is a confirmed botter. Confirmed by who? You have 400 hired programmers and can't tell the difference between a botter and a user who doesn't know nor care about what he gets in his patches? At least be fair and tell him where he did wrong.
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