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Wanna be GM in Saturn

While out hunting in the New Forest Wind Snake area I was accosted by "wendel", after Capture-killing him twice he sent me the following whisper:
Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: wr r u[2:19]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: im a gm[2:19]

[Whisper]Kelemvour speaks to wendel: Suuure you are.[2:19]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: i give u same iteam[2:19]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: yea[2:19]

[Whisper]Kelemvour speaks to wendel: I'm pretty sure the GMs 1) know where people are and 2) can spell.[2:20]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: i a im GMs[2:20]

[Whisper]Kelemvour speaks to wendel: Oh yeah? Why isn't it in your name then.[2:21]

[Whisper]wendel speaks to Kelemvour: look me[2:21]

[Whisper]Kelemvour speaks to wendel: You do realize impersonating a GM will get you kicked.[2:21]
Obviously I wasn't foolish enough to fall for it, I mean the guy doesn't even have a fake representation of [GM] in his name, but I thought I'd let someone know.

This happened on the Saturn Server, time is stamped in the text.

Reported to GMs - Icey
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