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Bug Report

hello everyone,

There are several bug/issue that i saw for now on this beta server :

1) Durability bug : In fact The system message pop telling that my startower was low durability, but when i check my stuff durability was like 46/70 .. 2 minutes after my stuff was broken.

2) GuildConductor Bug : You can't go back in GA when you tp to a specific places / the thanks to guildconductor .. The only way to go in Guild Area is by Twin City

3) Lotto bug : Sometimes when you click on One of the lottobox, it's another one that open.

4) Offline TG issue : When you click on "Offline TG" and try to relog just a minute after you have to launch several times your client. ( while loading it will close the window by itself )

5) TeamPk : time of teampk is 4.55 pm but actually on the beta server it was like 5.55pm

6) I think that the default commands : Alt to jump, Maj+1 to pot are not suitable. Because when you click on maj you can't move anymore.

I hope that it will help you.

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