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Originally Posted by Magenta222 View Post
Mac 10.6.4
3.06 ghz intel core 2 Duo
Memory: 8gb 1067 mHx DDR3

I download the first file (the ftp one) for Mac
unzips automatically
run installer
installer finishes and reports Installation Complete/Success

I look in my Applications folder where I assigned the folder and it is a Conquest named Folder, at zero K, and a red minus marked on it. Says I don't have permission to open.

First time this has happened to any file I have tried to d/l.

Any ideas at all?
Hello, i got the same problem as the person posted above.
when i installed this client on a Mac 10.6 it ofcourse asked for credentials as the user im installing on is NOT a admin.
so i filled out the credentials. but when it was done installing i noticed the (non admin)user didnt have permissions to access the application.

so i logged in as the admin user, and looked at the rights. indeed there was that only a admin could open it and not regulair user. so i changed this to everyone read/write. however after doing this when logged on as the nonadmin user it tells you that conquer is complete or damamaged however, when u run it on the account of the admin user it works perfectly, so im guessing there is still something with rights thats isnt correct.

any help please.
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