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Originally Posted by Sacerdos View Post
Been a while since I logged onto the forums. What do I see now a new Pirate class? Didn't they just release Monks? Is Scorpio server still overrun by a population I can't even understand? Most likely, so I will not consider coming back anytime soon if ever.

Just came back to say hai and lul a bit :3

Oh btw, TQ's way of getting veterans back was ingenious. I re-downloaded Conquer just for those Points, and couldn't use them how I wanted to. I took that as a smack in the face by TQ and deleted Conquer again. Good Job
thats what i did last year.. but guess what? not going to F*cking happen this time around.. TQ will always fail.. yet they do no seem to realize this Fact..

last year.. my comment is in the earlier pages of this pointless thread, and all i remember doing when i did re-download the game is i went on a straight pk spree killing the strongest players in the server like they were nothing without a single bulk! did it out of rage of how pointless this game has come to pass. so now i repeat myself from last year.

Stop being Original TQ Actually Make It Worth Our Time And Give Us Things That Actually Is Useful Over These Pointless and Useless Packs.

or better yet why not just Create yet another Server thats literally like the old days since these "classic" servers aint classic.. idiots i swear they take something and ruin the hell out of it and expect old players to return to their game which they literally destroyed
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