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Originally Posted by HatedByTQ View Post

and about scorps, if you saw the crap KitKat was spewing to me, you woulda done the same thing J, i refuse to sit around on my ass and let some psycho **** talk trash to me and my girlfriend, do i like scorpions? not altogether that much no, do i dislike them? not altogether much no, but its a place i can go to at least fight back against some skank that thinks shes all that. and while i know boyko will kill me for this, so be it, i no longer care, i will be just as much dual soc as kitkat over time and im not afraid of them
i still like and respect boyko, but i flat refuse to be treated the way his "woman" treated me, eventually a thing called self respect comes into play, sorry if i have some
Gotta love how neither you nor you "gf", badkitti, even tell anyone the facts of what happened with her little "fit" in guild chat, resulting in her leaving Ninjas.....I will.....Im sure you or her have chats ss of it, you two are about as F12 happy as J... i stand by how i acted, post the ss's so everyone can see how much "spew" your gf and you toss out.....

Your "gf" starts threatening someone in guild chat over pking some UNKNOWN, UNGUILDED, UNALLIED noob archer of hers that you/dale was on supposedly... When this was done in guild chat, it was obviously made public to anyone to read who was online in guild at the time...She theatened him with forcing him out, blah blah blah.... I tried to explain that she was overreacting since the guild has NO rules and that expecting someone to know all of someone's alts is a little overdramatic......Then as usual, badkitti exploded on me when she didnt seem to get what she wanted...Unlike most ppl, i am not afraid of her or her mouth, or her threats.......(DUH)

I DARE you or anyone to know ALL the chars i have made..... Let those of the forum read what happened and if you wish to post your F12's of my conv with you or with badkitti, go ahead.....

You wanna know me, make a noob and ask to join my plvl team.....
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