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Originally Posted by BotHunter4Good View Post
All suggestion post must have the polls. Or the thread could be removed.

^--- Shut up....

^--- Again Shut up....

^--- Again...... Seriously.....

Sorry but those you've have said is not broken. Tell me in real life can you feel ghost? no you can't.... Also Shackling is annoying skill that why people have to think possible way to prevent themself from being shackled. Best solution is to stack under ghosts. If you don't like it. wait there till somebody about to revive them as you kill the water taoist before they get to revive it and shackle the player as they've though they has been revived

Team... Seriously you really think this important? Clearly it is not. Not many people would like to team with other people or not many servers has many players to play in team. So Team is required for single player. Also there has been too many people mentalling the team invite which it is annoying.. You can't blacklist them because that doesn't stop it from spamming their auto team invite.

Time limit... People are meant to have fun so time limit shouldn't need to lowered. If you cannot kill people easily then "you" have problem. You and team need to make an plan on who's should be target first... If you do not know the reason why monk existed in the first time then clearly you need to understand it... Shackle was there mainly in Team events including Guild wars and of course CTF..

If you are not strong enough get better gears. If your defences is not good enough. get better stats. If you are not fast enough then that's your fault for being slow. You may think the game broken. But what you were trying to do is break it even more so that people will get very angry with you. "since you've suggested it"

Disconnecting in the event is not TQ fault also it could your computer slowing down or your internet broadband that causing the internet problem. When you get disconnect you are more likely to go in twin city. They're doing their best as they can while updating the game. As you can't go back in Team pk and Skill team pk etc etc because it's require you to create team " Remember what you said about soloing in team?? If TQ allow people to open the team during event started. More likely people would move around from team to team.
We have a crybaby of the award year here lol. ghost stacking is dumb and if you know what a populated server feels like you'd know but you're a noob probably dead 90% of the time so let me know when you're alive and not in chains m8.

team is team i want interesting fights not 1v1s that **** is stupid lmao ofc a 5 man team will be a 1 man team so make it interesting with actually more players. again if you play in a dead server keep crying i play in a populated server where events last 1hour+ and go onto clan war (oh wait u can't do clan war you have a dead server).

I have great gears and i literally win all matches in a minute i can't stand noobs who take 15minutes per match lmao just like yourself. Especially when I spectate and get cancer from watching people play like complete ass like yourself. Oh dear! :P how can people be this bad in a game where you just rightclick LOL.

ROFL DISONNECTING IS OUR FAULT?! its not our fault that servers get ddosed and attacked and **** and you say its our internet LAL go figure m8 and go implant some chips into your brain pls you so damb you need go doctor check it out plssssssssss. TQ busy making new servers and focusing on multi servers and you say its our fault looooooooooooool :
s t a y S A L T Y );
wahh let me be a cry baby too let me cry harder

CO DRAMA plzzz

Rxin, please read this.

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