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Originally Posted by Oddyzeus View Post
yep, I think most of us players wait for Lost Ark and/or Project TL to be released.
lost ark seems decent but Imo another weird/presumably queerish behavior feminine start up, with fairy's etc, weird childish quests/.PVE seems bar none compared to co, pvp however takes forever to jump into. as per skillbooks, etcs, copy & pasted fkey bar from other games usually dictates that other ideas were implemented from other base style games.. I suppose the view is ok[ the fact you cant do anything in movement] other than to hold left trigger and spam fkey to leap forward is sort of lame.

I know people usually complain about graphics but in my personal opinion if I deem Mario cart more fun than another game perhaps then its better to play that. Atleast on my part I would enjoy it more.

I had always wished that tq would stop making this so business like with revenue and income that they would just let the players have fun, and for gods sakes catch up.(As lucifer said along time ago in a previous video) before implementing new patches. But unfortunately the way it has been heading for some time now looks bad. This is just how they did they're other games milk the heck out of it throw excess patches and quick disconnected the whole entire game. I realize that Edmonds was a little dare I say less Active in terms of upgrades and updates but still.

I hope if they decide to discontinue conquer they would at least consider maybe someone else buying it. Lol, its just a thought...after all there still is a lot of money coming in on there part im sure who knows. Or downsizing afterall im sure that a star trek building or whatever that was isn't really needed lol.

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